We help amplify the potential of world-class brands through
people-inspired manufacturing.

think global,

build local

Our team of manufacturing experts brings together experiences from across the globe to deliver state of the art manufacturing, design, and development services in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.

our capabilities,


As part of an end to end connected platform, Flowbuilt Manufacturing Facility is the new standard for Made in the USA manufacturing that starts and ends with satisfied customers.
data acquisition

Cutting edge Fitstation by HP scanning and consumer data acquisition, from retail locations worldwide, sets in motion a process that promises to revolutionize the way people purchase and wear footwear.

development & design

Our full-service design and development center shortens sample times to get you to full scale production quickly. Our on-site prototype lab and 3D printing center delivers rapid last/mold development.  The result? Go-to-market readiness, faster than ever before.

build & scale

Your finished product is created with unmatched precision, using the only commercially available multi-section injection machine in the USA.

why Flowbuilt?

our story

We didn’t set out to open a manufacturing facility. Rather, we set out to revolutionize the way people experience footwear by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Put simply, we set out to make comfort smarter by combining four decades of biomechanical expertise with the best available tools and technology. We’re pleased to introduce Flowbuilt — the future of footwear manufacturing.

our vision

We want to clear the way for brands to design and deliver their future before anyone else can. At Flowbuilt, ideas flow from design to prototype through products built for today’s consumers, all under one roof.

the technology

In a facility stuffed with prototyping materials, cutting-edge 3D-printers and innovative machinery that flexes easily between creating a single custom pair of shoes to efficiently manufacturing thousands of pairs with no sweat, we take products from vision to reality.


our partnerships

Partnerships are what drives us to discover new ideas around every corner.
We're proud to call Flowbuilt a partnership in innovation.


Get in touch

Flowbuilt Manufacturing Facility is located in Ferndale, WA, and we're always inviting new partners to visit when they are in the Pacific Northwest.
We have an expert team that is based in Boulder, CO, who are positioned to travel the globe in order to share the capabilities of Flowbuilt and  how we're revolutionizing the world of retail footwear.

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To arrange a tour of our facility in Ferndale, WA, or to just learn more about Flowbuilt partnerships; please fill in your contact details

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